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TrailBliss Hiking Standards

This document describes standards that apply to the TrailBliss sponsored hiking trips on established trails. 


Hiking Trips

Hiking trips are restricted to maintained and unmaintained trails. Trails may be snow-covered. Off-trail hiking is permitted as long as leaders follow Leave No Trace Principles and the route is not unreasonably hazardous for the group. Avalanche terrain should be avoided. 

Objective Trail Ratings

All events must specify the difficulty of trail using the following guidelines:

  1. Easy - Up to 6 miles and up to 1000 feet of elevation gain round trip. 

  2. Moderate - Up to 10 miles and up to 2500 feet of elevation gain round trip. 

  3. Strenuous - Up to 12 miles and/or about 3500 feet of elevation gain round trip.

  4. Very Strenuous - Over 14 miles or over 4000 feet of elevation gain round trip. 

Subjective Trail Ratings

Leaders must specify subjective ratings depending on any special challenges (i.e. water crossing), gear requirements, etc. 

Group Size 

The minimum group size for a hike is upto leader’s discretion and the maximum group size is eight(8). 

Leader Qualifications 

All leaders must be the TrailBliss verified adult volunteers. Leaders must be approved to lead hikes by the Board of Directors. Essential skills to be a leaders are as following: 

  1. Group leadership - planning, decision making, communication, coaching

  2. Knowledge - Leave No Trace principles, trail etiquettes, 10 essentials, navigation, basic first-aid, TrailBliss standards and policies

  3. Safety skills - understanding of trail hazards, risk management, emergency management 

Participant Qualifications

Leaders must specify required gear/equipment as well as the basic expectations from the participants.


Accident Reporting

Any accident on a TrailBliss activity that involves medical treatment, emergency evacuation, or death shall be reported to the Board of Directors as soon as possible. In the event of an accident the responding member should first call 911 and then call The TrailBliss at 214-901-6768.

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