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Our Commitment to Inclusion and Equity

Our sponsorship program is to help diversify the wellness space and share the gift of holistic health. We prioritize applicants who are not in the position to afford to the full cost and/or who have been historically underserved, underrepresented, or oppressed. 


Who can apply for a Mountain Bliss Retreat Sponsorship? 

Anyone is free to apply, or to nominate someone for a sponsorship. All of our retreats are currently women's retreats. 

The sponsorship is intended to give financial assistance to women who have any type of financial, emotional, situational, or other need, where a scholarship would help them be able to attend a retreat. 

How is sponsorship awarded?

Applications for are reviewed by our board members and financial assistance is offered based on our funds, and applicant's situation. 

Sponsorship Application

Do you identify as a person of color, including being Black, Indigenous, or from any other marginalized racial or ethnic group?
Are you a first responder?

We have received your application. You will hear from us within 1 business day.

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