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Season Bliss Retreats

Dive deep into mindfulness practices, cultivate inner peace, and embrace the beauty of being present.


This retreat is an invitation to you, if you... 

...yearn for inner calm and emotional balance amidst everyday chaos.

...wish to enhance concentration and clarity, staying present in the moment. a space to disconnect and cultivate equilibrium within yourself.

...are on a journey of self-discovery, eager to deepen your understanding of yourself and your purpose.

...recognize the importance of self-care and are ready to invest in activities that promote relaxation and reduce stress.

...appreciate a supportive environment to freely express yourself, share your journey, and receive encouragement.

Retreat will be held at a charming rustic retreat center, a 100-year-old dairy barn converted into a retreat center. Sprawling 50-acre property is situated along Day Creek in the Skagit River Valley, about 90-minutes north of Seattle. It has 9 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a cozy living area with wood-burning stove, and a deck with sweeping views. 


You’ll enjoy homemade, nutritious vegetarian meals cooked with intent to further your journey of self-discovery. Meals include dinner Friday and Saturday, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on Friday and Saturday; and assorted teas and snacks.


All meals are prepared with as many local, seasonal and organic ingredients possible.

We will do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions, such as vegan, gluten-free, and lactose free. Please contact us before booking if you have multiple allergies or life-threatening allergies.

Retreats are guided by Sarvinder Kaur, the founder of TrailBliss. She is a 500hrs RYT (registered Yoga Teacher) and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and has been practicing yoga and meditation for over two decades. She learned and deepened her mindfulness practice through several teachers in India and USA.

As she witnessed the transformative power of mindfulness and yoga in her life, she felt compelled to share these invaluable practices to others. She is dedicated to creating an engaging and meaningful experience that gives participants the tools to develop inner peace, empathy, and resilience to navigate the ebbs and flows of life. 

She is a seasoned hiker, backpacker, mountaineer and King County Research and Rescue volunteer. 

Amy Irwin - Star Sound Healing_edited.jpg

Amy is a vibrational sound practitioner, group facilitator, Reiki master, singer, and writer. She’s been skillfully holding compassionate energetic space for others for 30 years through therapy sessions, courses, workshops, circles, and sacred ceremonies.


Amy initially worked as a master social worker in a hospital setting before transitioning to individual, couples, and group therapy. Her spiritual journey led her to explore other healing modalities including sound healing, Acutonics® tuning forks, and Sekhem Reiki. Amy has studied Celtic spirituality, meditation, music theory, shamanic journeying, and voice.


She believes there are many paths to the same destination of Oneness. Physical, emotional, and/or spiritual challenges are energetic blocks; Amy uses the gifts of sound, light, words, and song to help her clients release this stuck energy. Her work encourages calmer central nervous systems, deeper relaxation, emotional healing, and soul reconnection. Learn more at

Summer Bliss: Women's Mindfulness Retreat
Summer Bliss: Women's Mindfulness Retreat
Aug 09, 2024, 8:00 AM
Cedar Springs Lodge and Retreat Center

You have an option to check in on August 08 after 8:00 pm at no extra fee.

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I really enjoyed the Winter Bliss retreat. It was really good for my soul, mind and spirit to be quiet and just sit with my feelings and be in the present moment. I learned so much about myself and how to better navigate my life.  We were given so many useful tools on how to be in the present moment and make mindfulness a part of our daily life.  I loved that we got the information in bits and pieces, so we had time to let it sink in and then practice it. Most people, including myself, are OK about spending money on things like vacations or what we think we need, but how often do we invest the money and time in our spiritual journey.  The mindfulness retreat was definitely money well spent.  "

Sandra G.

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