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Morning Mist over Forest

About TrailBliss

TrailBliss's mission is to help others build a transformative connection with nature by exploring and engaging with the outdoors in mindful ways.

Integrity and compassion are TrailBliss's core values.

Integrity: authenticity, honesty, and sincerity.

Compassion: understanding, patience, and kindness.

At TrailBliss, we are committed to outdoor equity, read our diversity, equity and inclusion statement.

TrailBliss Story

The story of TrailBliss is complex yet has a simplicity that will resonate with many of you. There was no “aha” moment or spontaneous  epiphany. Growing up on a farm under the shadows of the mighty Himalayas sowed a seed of love for nature that bloomed when I first visited Zion National Park and fell in love with the sublime beauty. The love transformed into reverence as I traveled near and far. 

During one of these travels, Thich Nhat Nanh’s book found me and led me to mindfulness. I soaked up the wisdom of mindfulness masters to learn, grow, and live my best life - a mindful life.  Then the stars aligned and we moved to Washington with immense forests to explore and peaks to climb. My heart overflowed with pure joy as I experienced the power of nature blended with mindfulness.


TrailBliss is born out of those moments of pure joy; TrailBliss is a sincere wish to share this joy with others. It is a space where people can connect with each other, with the natural world, and with their own inner selves. TrailBliss will always strive to inspire and empower people to connect with the natural world in mindful, meaningful ways, and to create a brighter, more connected future for us all.


As we continue on this journey, I am reminded of the words of John Muir, "In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." TrailBliss's goal is to  help people receive that gift of nature in all its wonder and beauty.

About Founder

Sarvinder is a seasoned hiker, backpacker and self-proclaimed National Parks nerd. She is hopelessly in love with mountains  and alpine lakes.

She believes in the power of nature and mindfulness. Through observing the positive impact of mindfulness and yoga in her own life, she became inspired to share with others the skills to cultivate inner calm, kindness, and compassion to ride the ebbs and flows of life. 

As a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, she is passionate about helping others find peace and balance in their lives. She volunteers with Washington Trail Association, King County Search and Rescue, and Eastside Friends of Seniors.  

She enjoys photography, pottery, books and traveling with her family

TrailBliss Team

We are committed to providing safe, respectful, and inclusive environments that foster self-awareness and self-actualization. As a team, we aim to create spaces that make our participants feel connected to themselves, each other, and the outdoors.


Tara King-Taylor

Finance Director


Nupur Harshita

Administration Director


Outdoors Advisor


Legal Advisor

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